Wonder Coffee

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Discover the unique aroma and flavor of our most popular drink. Wonder Coffee is slowly roasted to perfection with a smooth aroma, and rich taste that you will crave and enjoy daily. Wonder Coffee is the coffee drinker’s choice for java, it’s not just coffee, it is the healthiest gourmet coffee in an instant. Wonder Coffee is specially formulated with 7 proprietary “SUPER FOODS”, known all over the world for promoting health and wellness.

Wonder Coffee has been scientifically created with the perfect combination of (“The King of Superfoods”) Black Maca, (“The Happy Berry”) Goji Berry, (“The Healing Mushroom”) Yarcha Gumba [cordyceps], (“The King of Herbs”) The Ganoderma Mushroom, (“The Fruit Of God”) Noni, (“The Queen of Fruit”) Mangosteen and (“The Super Antioxidant”) Cranberry.

This unique blend will enhance your overall well-being and balance.

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